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The Music of IMPACT

For the full experience, see IMPACT at a live event. Thank you to our fans for the videos!

Click the links below to stream IMPACT on Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify:

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Dreams (Van Halen)
Ain't it Fun (Paramore)
2022 Tour Retrospective
IMPACT Plays TEMPO, Nov 22
Why Can't This Be Love

IMPACT: The Story

IMPACT delivers a fresh and lively playlist of favorite 70's, 80's and 90's covers which fills dance floors from Boston to MetroWest and all the way to the New Hampshire Seacoast. 

The secret? IMPACT makes music to make people happy. Why waste time on the same old playlist everyone just heard in the last bar? IMPACT focuses on tunes that haven't already been played to death elsewhere. Whether it’s a long-forgotten 80's favorite, a "deep track," or an exciting new arrangement of something familiar, this 5-piece, 3-voice band creates a truly unique and memorable experience - energy, danceability and great musicianship in a mix that gets audiences to their feet.

The world is ready to return to restaurants and clubs to have fun again...

...and IMPACT delivers the formula to make the magic happen.

"IMPACT is the most incredible, fun band! They take the best generation of music, the 80's, and just crush it on stage to the point that everyone is singing, dancing and even screaming 'OMG I love this song' or 'I forgot about this song.' They're pure excitement and nostalgia on stage! You don't want their show to end, plus they talk and have fun with you (the audience and fans) while they're on stage and love to interact. IMPACT is the total cool kids table where everyone is invited!"

-Jolana Miller, afternoon drive host and brand manager, The Shark 102.1 and 105.3, Classic Hits for the Seacoast


IMPACT Members

IMPACT came together to pursue a shared vision for a different kind of cover band. Moving beyond the usual three-chord standards, they showcase music that people love to remember, love to hear, and love to dance to.


Prior to IMPACT, each member has been playing and loving this music for decades, and has developed both technical abilities and musical versatility. Combined, they bring live stage presence, chemistry, and a unique sound blend which takes fun music to the next level.


Keely J

Lead Singer

A female lead singer covering - and shredding - tunes which the best male rockers perfected? Absolutely. You have to hear her! She's part of the "secret sauce" that makes IMPACT a crowd favorite.

Outside IMPACT, Keely is known for solo performances which keep north shore audiences rocking out to a wide range of favorites. And she is probably drinking coffee right now.

Bryson Lang

Guitar and Vocals

Bryson brings the drive to IMPACT with his solid rhythm guitar, pixel-perfect leads and screaming solos. His vocal harmonies deliver a powerful sound blend and an energy which is hard to deny. His early influences - Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and more - echo throughout his work.

Outside IMPACT, Bryson has played extensively with bands on both the west and east coast, headlining venues such as Whiskey in LA and the Hard Rock Café in Boston.


Steve Engdahl


Steve's keyboard work enables IMPACT to venture into many well-loved tunes that other bands won't play live. Steve is equally comfortable with lead and feature parts as well as adding background texture to bring interest and color to every arrangement. He previously played solo and combo gigs in rock, jazz, and even Carribean-Latin and classical settings. 

Outside IMPACT, Steve can most often be found out sailing somewhere.

Steve Hayward

Bass and Vocals

A Rock Band wouldn't be complete without a solid bass line. IMPACT couldn’t have asked for a greater talent than Steve, who holds down the bass line, rounds out the backing vocals, and also plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the group as a whole.

Outside IMPACT, he can usually be found on the golf course.

172 (2).JPG

David F


David brings drive and energy to the entire IMPACT set list, no matter whether it's an 80's rock tune, 70's R&B or today's pop. David has been backing other reputable bands in the Boston music scene for some time, including pinch hitting as needed for a band with a record label which is currently working on their second album.

Outside IMPACT, David runs, spends time at the gym, and when not practicing drums his drums he can be found at the mixing desk fine-tuning the output of his latest recording project.

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